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Aduanahene(Wienco) is an agricultural company with over 35 years’ experience in the Ghanaian Agriculture industry. Smallholder Farmers support programmes and Agricultural Commodity trading (mainly Maize, Rice, Cotton and Cocoa) form the core business of Wienco.

Our mission seeks to provide the best affordable agricultural inputs reliably, timely and efficiently through an extensive distribution network, supported by training, innovations and product development.

Smallholder Farmers form a key segment in the agricultural value chain. Nonetheless, the demand for Smallholder agricultural finance is large, and largely unmet. As part of Wienco’s commitment to improve productivity and profitability of the Ghanaian Farmer in Ghana, input packages are given to organized groups of farmers in the form of credit facilities such as fertilizers and Crop Protection Products. Repayment from farmers groups are done after the harvest of their crops.

Additionally, the company is strengthening its efforts to become a key player in the seed industry, particularly Maize, Soya, Rice and Vegetable Seed not via GMO but by using hybrid seeds

Wienco has various partners across the country, notable among them are Masara N’arziki Farmers Association, Cocoa Abrabopa Association, Wienco Rice Project and Kumakuma Company Limited (KCL).

The establishment of Masara N’Arziki Masara N’arziki Farmers Association (“Hausa word, meaning “Maize for prosperity”) and Cocoa Abrabopa Association (Akan word, meaning “Cocoa for a better life”) is to support smallholder farmers in groups with improved Input packages (fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, Matabi knapsack sprayers) to increase their productivity resulting in improved incomes for a good life. The package also includes technical training on crop agronomy, business skills and soil fertility management training to make sure that the highest form of efficiency is achieved by using our input packages.

Our Wienco Rice Project started in 2012 on a pilot basis into the development of a rice smallholder program with Weta Irrigation Scheme in the Volta region using 50 farmers on 50 ha of irrigated field. Currently, we can boast of about 4,500 smallholder farmers in the various production areas including Fievie, Babator, Asutware, Aveyime etc.