Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Wienco, likewise all RMG Concept Limited subsidiaries, believes that social and environmental considerations must be at the center of a sustainable business model.  With this approach to business, the company encourages a forward thinking attitude that allows for innovation and the continuous improvement of its sustainable business practices, which include:

– The respect of labor and working conditions of employees;
– To enter in dialogue and positively impact local communities;
– To protect, prevent and minimize our adverse effects on the environment;
– To provide products socially and environmentally friendly.

Throughout the years, with the objective of having a positive impact on the communities where it operates, Wienco together with other subsidiaries of RMG Concept Limited, has been providing support in different ways:

  • Wienco is the major sponsor of Real Tamale United Football Club and also supports other activities of the Sport sector, such as cycling, golf and hockey.
  • Wienco has consistently been a major donor of the Annual National Farmers Day celebration, since its inception.
  • Wienco has been providing meaningful support to the Health and Educational sectors.
  • Wienco and RMG Ghana Limited support rice, maize and onion smallholder farmers by providing those farmers with inputs on credit and technical advice as well as a market for their agricultural commodities.
  • Wienco and Global Agri-Development Company Ghana Limited contribute to maintain local infrastructure of nearby communities (i.e. maintenance of damns, rough roads and construction of basic bridges).